Markus Mettenleiter

Excellence at the Humboldt University of Berlin


Setup animation & hover on a question.

Everything starts with a question.

The question is the driving force behind every science and the commitment to knowledge. As part of the excellence strategy to support and empower the academic community, the outstanding scientific achievements of the Humboldt University of Berlin will be communicated in the form of a web special. To achieve this, a constantly growing, interlinked catalogue of questions are to be curated and interconnected with each other interactively. The question itself is at the centre of attention. It is the driving force behind the scientists and thus the precondition for any discoveries. Similar to science, new questions emerge from an answer. Links to further questions allow users to advance further into the world of Excellence Research at the Humboldt University with every click. Thematic content is not only made accessible through text and images but also audio and video. Furthermore, users can send their questions to the team of authors for answering. Thus promoting dialogue between science and society at eye level.

Text mode: inside the annotation column on the right, the users can jump directly to a related topic

Audio mode of the same topic


Hugo Göldner


Summer 2019

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Alles beginnt mit einer Frage…