Markus Mettenleiter

Hello 🌎, my name is Markus and I'm an Interaction Designer creating human-centred experiences.

01 Bachelor Thesis

Reinventing News on Twitter

"Reinventing News on Twitter" is an approach to make news on social media more accessible.

02 Speculative Design

Future Expiry Date

A concept of how we can bring the "best before" date into the digital age.

03 Interface/Game Design

Guided Geocaching

A look at how geocaching can be made accessible for children.

04 Speculative Design

Vega - A Smart Cultivation Approach

A indoor garden to grow plants under optimal conditions.

05 Exhibition Design

Determinism and Causality

A museum exhibit explaining the law of causality with the chaos pendulum.

06 Application

Bon Appétit

A mobile cooking app with dynamic ingredients and step by step instructions.

07 Prototype

Tin Can Phone

A prototypical communication device inspired by tin can phones.