Markus Mettenleiter

Hello 🌎, my name is Markus and I'm an Interaction Designer creating human-centred experiences. Have a look at my work below.

01 Bachelor Thesis

Reinventing News on Twitter

"Reinventing News on Twitter" is an approach to make news on social media more accessible.

02 Speculative Design

Future Expiry Date

A concept of how we can bring the "best before" date into the digital age.

03 Interface/Game Design

Guided Geocaching

A look at how geocaching can be made accessible for children.

04 Speculative Design

Vega - A Smart Cultivation Approach

A indoor garden to grow plants under optimal conditions.

05 Exhibition Design

Determinism and Causality

A museum exhibit explaining the law of causality with the chaos pendulum.

06 Application

Bon Appétit

A mobile cooking app with dynamic ingredients and step by step instructions.

07 Prototype

Tin Can Phone

A prototypical communication device inspired by tin can phones.